International Conference on Flood Resilience
Experiences in Asia and Europe
5-7 September 2013
Exeter, United Kingdom Google+



Thinking big: national scale flood mapping
Yong Wang, Luke Lovell, Jon Wicks

Real-time flood risk mapping for warning decision support
Jiun-Huei Jang, Chen-Yi Chen, Keh-Chia Yeh, Su-Chin Chen, Horng-Yue Chen, Liang-Chun Chen

Real-time hazard impact modelling of surface water flooding: Some UK developments
Steven J. Cole, Robert J. Moore, Timothy Aldridge, Andy Lane, Stefan Laeger

Urban flood inundation in Mumbai
Arun Rana, Justine Hénonin, Lars Bengtsson, Ole Mark

Breach risk evaluation of the railway embankment between Arles and Tarascon, France
Mark Cheetham

Sharing UK LIDAR and flood mapping experience with the Philippines
Alastair Duncan, Patrick Hogarth, Enrico Paringit, Mahar Lagmay

The role of the second embankment line in flood defence – case study of Novi Sad
Matija Stipić, Srđan Kolaković, Rihard Šranc, Đula Fabian, Ljubomir Budinski

Vulnerability analysis for addressing pluvial flood risk ina densely urbanized area in Osaka
Taira Ozaki, Taisuke Ishigaki, Norihiro Asano, Keiichi Toda

Predicting private sewer collapse to help utilities manage flooding and pollution events
Ben Ward, Andrew Selby, Simon Gee, Dragan A. Savić

Flood inundation mapping of Surat City: A prospective view of flood return period
Dhruvesh Patel

Flood hazard mapping for the Lena River Basin, Russia
Dmitriy Botavin, Eugenia Fingert

Floodplain mapping of lowland area rivers by combination of GIS with depth-averaged 2D model
Mohammad Rostami, Abdollah Ardeshir, Sahar Habibi

Flood risk analysis and research of evacuation in flood disasters with GIS
Aichen Jia, Qing Zhang, Qian Yang

Statistical analysis of a Cellular Automata-based sewer flood model
Rebecca Austin, Albert S. Chen, Dragan A. Savić and Slobodan Djordjević


A spatial analysis of rainfall damage data using C-band weather radar images
Matthieu Spekkers, Matthijs Kok, Francois Clemens, Marie-claire ten Veldhuis

Flood damage assessment for urban growth scenarios
Albert S. Chen, Michael J. Hammond, Slobodan Djordjević, David Butler

Estimating damage costs of urban pluvial flooding as a mean of improving climate change adaptation investments
Anders Skovgård Olsen, Qianqian Zhou, Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Jens Jørgen Linde

Flood damage assessment of Yizhuang, Beijing
Yuwen Zhou, Zilong Liu, Shanshan Liu, Jian Zhao, Wei Li, Jing Zhang

Correlations between rainfall data and insurance damage data related to sewer flooding for the case of Aarhus, Denmark
Matthieu Spekkers, Qianqian Zhou, Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen, Francois Clemens, Marie-claire ten Veldhuis

Flood impact assessment under climate change scenarios in central Taipei area, Taiwan
Ming-Hsi Hsu, Chih-Hung Chen, Chia-Hsiu Chang, Wen-Cheng Liu, Tsang-Jung Chang, Yi-Chieh Lin, Albert S. Chen, Michael J. Hammond, Slobodan Djordjević, David Butler

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