International Conference on Flood Resilience
Experiences in Asia and Europe
5-7 September 2013
Exeter, United Kingdom Google+



Statistical downscaling methods for climate change impact assessment on rainfall for cities in tropical developing countries – a review
Seith Mugume, Diego Gomez, David Butler

Analysis of Beijing rainfall patterns, based on 68 years of rainfall data
Yuwen Zhou, Zilong Liu, Shanshan Liu, Yaoyao Weng, Ying Tang

Comparison of different radar-gauge merging techniques
Nergui Nanding, Miguel Angel Rico-Ramirez, Dawei Han

Hydrological modelling for simulation of flooding from extreme events in Jamaica – case study of the Hope River watershed
Arpita Mandal, Lawrence Barrett, David Smith

Extreme precipitation for Jamaica: 1895 to 2100
Christopher P. Burgess, Michael A. Taylor, Tannecia Stephenson, Arpita Mandal


Warning strategy, techniques and new developments at the Flood Forecasting Centre
Charlie Pilling, David Price, Steve Ramsdale, Holly Denning, Kathryn Smith, Matt Winter, Bob Moore, Mark van Dijk

Using ensembles to represent uncertainty in UK radar rainfall estimates: Some initial findings
David Dufton, Chris G. Collier

The use of radar, nowcast and numerical weather prediction in rainfall runoff modelling in Scotland
Rachel Geldart, Linda Speight, Mike Cranston, Richard Maxey, Amy Tavendale

A review of kriging based rain-gauge-radar merging techniques
Sharon Jewell, Nicolas Gaussiat

Probabilistic flood forecasting using high-resolution ensemble rainfalls over Britain
Adrian Wynn, Clive Pierce, Robert J. Moore, Steven J. Cole, David Price, Marion Mittermaier, Alan Seed

Hydrological value of low-cost X-band radars for heavy rain hazard assessment in urban areas: Demonstration experiment in Barcelona
Daniel Sempere-Torres, Marc Berenguer, Monika Pfeifer

Comparison of the Met Office conventional and experimental NWP based nowcasting of precipitation for flash flood events during summer 2012
Susan P Ballard, Clive Pierce, David Simonin, Nigel Roberts, Zhihong Li

Ensemble model water level forecasts for the lower Mekong
Lan Yu, Lloyd H. C. Chua

Striving for sufficient lead time of flood forecasts via integrated hydro-meteorological intelligence
Dong-Sin Shih, Cheng-Hsin Chen

Getting started with urban flood modelling for real-time pluvial flood forecasting: A case study with sparse data
Jeanne-Rose René, Slobodan Djordjević, David Butler, Henrik Madsen, Ole Mark

Identification of uncertainty sources in flood forecasting
Niels Van Steenbergen, Patrick Willems, Maarten Deschamps

Establishment and application of urban area early warning system for short-duration heavy rainfall
Sheng-Hsueh Yang, Wei-Chu Weng, Yung-Chia Hsu, Keh-Chia Yeh, Shenq-Yuh Jaw, Meng-Chi Hung


Evaluation of satellite-based extreme precipitation estimates for flood risk modelling
Bastian Manz, Wouter Buytaert, Juan Pablo Rodriguez Sanchez

Understanding the hydraulic state and drainage capacity of a stormwater system through modelling
Yuwen Zhou, Hongli Wang, Jian Zhao, Ying Tang, Chang Liu

Urban flood modelling using cloud computing
Vassilis Glenis, Vedrana Kutija, Chris Kilsby, Andrew McGough, Simon Woodman

Flood routing using alternative approach of neural network for a flood warning system (case study: Madarsou River, Iran)
Ahmad Tahershamsi, Farhad Hooshyaripor, Hosein Ghalkhani, Abdollah Ardeshir

Flood control operation of reservoir systems using system dynamics-based simulation optimization
M. Hosseini, S. Jamshid Mousavi, Abdollah Ardeshir, Kourosh Behzadian

MH-AssimTool: an assimilation tool dedicated to a fully distributed model
Julien Richard, Agathe Giangola-Murzyn, Daniel Schertzer, Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia

Case study of dam breach and flood analysis
Suk-Hwan Jang

Experimental study on floating cars in flood water
Keiichi Toda, Taisuke Ishigaki, Taira Ozaki

Towards the development of a decision support system for flood management in Chao Phraya river basin, Thailand
Piyamarn Sisomphon, Surajate Boonya-aroonnet, Somchai Chonwattana, Finn Hansen

A flexible hydrodynamic modelling framework for GPUs and CPUs: Application to the Carlisle 2005 floods
Luke S. Smith, Qiuhua Liang, Paul F. Quinn

Dam break waves as extreme flood events
Antje Bornschein

Comparing topography discretization techniques for Godunov-based shallow flow models
Georges Kesserwani

Comparison of numerical schemes for modelling supercritical flows along urban floodplains
Yared A. Abebe, Zoran Vojinović, Solomon D. Seyoum, Roland K. Price

Prediction of overbank flows with a coupled 1D flash flood routing model and 3D coastal ocean model
Wen-Cheng Liu, Chung-En Chung, Ming-Hsi Hsu

Well balanced Roe scheme applied to a local inertia overland flow model
Ricardo Martins, Jorge Leandro, Slobodan Djordjević

Implementation and assessment of a critical input hyetograph generation methodology for use in a decision support tool for the design of flood attenuation systems
Christopher Newton, Daniel Jarman, Fayyaz Ali Memon, Robert Andoh, David Butler


Influence of wind-driven rain on the hydrologic response of urban areas: a physical model
Jorge M. G. P. Isidoro, João L. M. P. de Lima

Surface drainage system efficiency and its impact on pluvial flooding: a physically-based stochastic approach
Anna Palla, Giuseppe T. Aronica, Ilaria Gnecco, Luca G. Lanza

100 year flood simulation for Dhaka City using multiple models
lsmat Pervin, M. Feroz Islam, Imtiaz Taher, David M. Khan

Machine learning-based early warning system for urban flood management
Andrew P. Duncan, Edward C. Keedwell, Slobodan Djordjević, Dragan A. Savić

Adaptive evacuation planning for flood risk management
Bas Kolen

Flood vulnerability assessment considering climate change impacts: Application to Barcelona case study using relative depth-damage curves
Marc Velasco, Àngels Cabello, Beniamino Russo, Teresa Kersting

Extreme hazard of pluvial and tsunami floods in a densely urbanized area
Taisuke Ishigaki, Norihiro Asano, Masayuki Morikane, Taira Ozaki, Keiichi Toda

Back to the future: Assessing the impact of the 2004 flood in Dhaka in 2050 under massive urban growth
David M. Khan, Imtiaz Taher, William Veerbeek, Albert S. Chen, Michael J. Hammond, David Butler, Slobodan Djordjević


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