International Conference on Flood Resilience
Experiences in Asia and Europe
5-7 September 2013
Exeter, United Kingdom Google+



Methodology for maturity of flood risk management frameworks assessment – application to Asian and European cities
Jelena Batica, Philippe Gourbesville, Franck Tessier

Assessing quick-wins to protect critical urban infrastructure from floods: A case study (three urban communities) in Bangkok, Thailand
Chris Zevenbergen, Khanitta Iam-la-or Kolaka, Sebastiaan van Herk, Manuela Escarameia, Berry Gersonius, Damien Serre, Nicholas Walliman, Karin de Bruijn, Rutger de Graaf

Assessing the effects of flood resilience technologies
Sebastian Golz, Reinhard Schinke, Thomas Naumann, Stephen Garvin, Iain White

On the flood and inundation management of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Ruben Dahm, Ferdinand Diermanse, Ho Long Phi

A review of flood resilience in Fiji
Stephen Yeo

Flood resilience study for Mithi river catchment in Mumbai, India
Vinay Nikam, Kapil Gupta

Sustainable flood memories, informal knowledges and the development of community resilience to future flood risk
Lindsey McEwen, Joanna Garde-Hansen, Owain Jones, Franz Krause, Andrew Holmes

Use of new digital technology to enhance community resilience to floods
Sue Tapsell, Simon McCarthy, Rosalind McDonagh, Vitaveska Lanfranchi

Methodology for flood resilience index
Jelena Batica, Philippe Gourbesville, Fang-Yu Hu

Freeboard design as a technical precondition for flood resilience
Reinhard Pohl

Disruption of resource movements from flooding
Shaun A. Brown, Richard Dawson

Experiences of groundwater flooding, South Winterbourne Valley, Dorset
Charles Bennett, Brian Richards

Community-based activities for the large-scale flood hazard in a low-lying area: The case of Shinkoiwa in Tokyo
Takaaki Kato, Hitoshi Nakamura, Yuto Shiozaki

Coping with floods: Preparedness, response and recovery of flood-affected residents in Germany after 2002
Sarah Kienzler, Ina Pech, Heidi Kreibich, Meike Mueller, Annegret H. Thieken

A house is not a home – the importance of non-structural reconstruction in disaster recovery
Chuan-Zhong Deng

Urban flood mitigation by development of optimal detention ponds in urban areas: A case study
Abdollah Ardeshir, Kambiz Salari, Fatemeh Jalilsani, Kourosh Behzadian, S. Jamshid Mousavi

Gathering evidence; the multiple benefits of SUDS and designing for exceedance
Adam Baylis, Paul Shaffer, Chris Digman, Richard Ashley, Elliot Gill

SMARTeST modelling toolkit for multiscale decision making on flood resilient technology
Natasa Manojlovic, Thomas Naumann, Reinhard Schinke, Antonis Toumazis, Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia, Agathe Giangola-Murzyn, Daniel Schertzer, José-Frédéric Deroubaix, Bruno Barocca, Matthieu Spekkers

Conceptual model of city resilience to large-scale flood in a low-lying area in Tokyo
Yuto Shiozaki, Takaaki Kato, Hitoshi Nakamura

Study on Smart Water Grid in Korea: stable water supply using rainwater harvesting for flood preparedness
Woo Dalsik, Kim Seounghyun, Shin Sunghoon, Chae Sookwen, Jung Jongtae, Choi Gyehoon


A multi-layer flood safety approach towards resilient cities
Johannes Leskens, Marcel Boomgaard, Conny van Zuijlen, Peter Hollanders

CORFU project experience from the rapidly developing city of Dhaka, Bangladesh
S. M. Mahbubur Rahman, David M. Khan, Abu Saleh Khan, M. Monowar Hossain

Surface water flood warnings in England: An overview, assessment and recommendations based on survey responses and workshops
Susana Ochoa-Rodriguez, Laurie Thraves, Andy Johnston

Building urban resilience with flood defense and critical infrastructure network assets
Damien Serre, Mireia Balsells

Monitoring SUDS at Lamb Drove, Cambridgeshire
Richard Stevens, Fola Ogunyoye

Flood preparedness of private households and small businesses in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Heidi Kreibich, Philip Bubeck, Chinh Do

Public attitudes towards flooding and property level flood protection measures
Seth Owusu, Grant Wright, Scott Arthur

Urban design contribution to neighbourhood flood resilience: Proposition of a model analysis
Mireia Balsells, Bruno Barroca, Youssef Diab, Vincent Becue, Damien Serre

Effectiveness of flood resilience measures for Incheon Gyo watershed in Korea
Lian Guey Ler, Gyewoon Choi, Seong Joon Byeon

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