International Conference on Flood Resilience
Experiences in Asia and Europe
5-7 September 2013
Exeter, United Kingdom Google+

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ICFR Proceedings

ICFR proceedings book with extended summaries and the CD with full papers can be ordered here.


10/09/2013: ICFR Success

The International Conference of Flood Resilience has now officially ended. We welcomed over 200 delegates from over 40 countries. There were 88 oral presentations and 43 poster presentations covering a wide range of topics related to flood resilience. We hope you enjoyed the conference, both professionally and personally. We would like to thank you for all your participation in the conference and for making it as enjoyable as we found it.

ICFR Opening Ceremony


07/09/2013: Poster of the day

An award was given to the best poster for each of the three days of the conference. The winners were:


Rachel Geldart, Linda Speight, Mike Cranston, Richard Maxey, Amy Tavendale

The use of radar, nowcast and numerical weather prediction in rainfall runoff modelling in Scotland


Bee Rowan

Community led model of flood resilient, sustainable shelter construction in Sindh Province, Pakistan


Sarah Kienzler, Ina Pech, Heidi Kreibich, Meike Mueller, Annegret H. Thieken

Coping with floods: preparedness, response and recovery of flood-affected residents in Germany after 2002


07/09/2013: Best Young Author

A prize was given for the best young author (born after 1st January 1980). Members of the scientific committee shortlisted 10 papers of extremely high quality, and the winner was judged on Scientific originality/originality, Industrial relevance/potential for application, overall quality of written paper, and quality of the presentation.


Luke S. Smith

Luke S. Smith, Qiuhua Liang, Paul F. Quinn

A flexible hydrodynamic modelling framework for GPUs and CPUs: Application to the Carlisle 2005 floods


Runner up

Ruben Dahm, Ferdinand Diermanse, Ho Long Phi

On the flood and inundation management of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



30/08/2013: ICFR can start

With preparations completed and 200 delegates registered, all is ready for the start of ICFR. Weather forecast looks promising – we are looking forward to welcoming you in sunny Exeter. On-line registration system closes on Monday 2nd September 8:00 GMT. For last moment registrations please call us.


26/08/2013: Conference Proceedings

ICFR Proceedings Book with Extended Summaries and the pen memory stick with Full Papers will be provided to the delegates. The Proceedings are available on the ICFR web site for delegates connected to the Internet via Exeter University network.

The delegates are recommended to download or subscribe the ICFR Programme on Google Calendar, including
the Programme Overview and
the Detailed Programme

The ICFR Calendars contain the information about all ICFR activities, including time, venue, presentation tile and speaker, and link to the corresponding full paper, which is directly accessible via Exeter University network.


23/08/2013: Internet Access

Internet access in Holland Hall is free. Wi-Fi access in Peter Chalk Centre should be requested at the registration desk. The reception team will provide a form which contains log in details. It is a University IT Services requirement that guests must sign and return this form – it should be filled in and returned to the registration team.


22/08/2013: Technical visits fully booked

The full capacity has been reached for both visits to the EA/Met Office Flood Forecasting Centre and the South West Water Control Centre. There are still spaces for cultural visits.


21/08/2013: DYJO to play after ICFR Dinner

The Concert in Memory of Erik Pasche will feature the Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra.


08/08/2013: Recommended restaurants in Exeter

View Exeter Restaurants in a larger map


28/07/2013: Final Programme announced

With two new sessions (added to the Preliminary Programme) and only a few cancellations, the ICFR Final Programme has been announced. It can be downloaded here.


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